Thousands of storms occur every year in Australia but only some of these are severe enough to cause serious damage. Storms are ‘atmospheric disturbances’ that can include strong winds, hail, heavy rain and lightning. Storms can be grouped in to two broad categories – small scale thunderstorms or large scale storms that are produced by intense low-pressure systems and are also called ‘synoptic storms’.

The hazards for residential buildings that are associated with storm are:

  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Rain

Strong winds, hail and heavy rain, either on their own, or combined, can cause significant damage to houses. For more information on these hazards click on the links below. 

Hazards relating to Storm

Wind Rain Hail

What is the difference between this rating and supplier ratings?

The rating you see at the top of the page is the resilience rating of the generic class of building material to a particular hazard. A supplier rating is particular to a specific supplier product. For example, clay bricks may have a resilience rating of '3' to inundation but a supplier may have made specific improvements to their bricks and may be able to achieve a resilience rating of '5' for their clay brick. "