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Explanation of user types

Public- registered

Public membership of the BRKD is open to all users.

Registration will provide you with the ability to save certain pages to your ‘favourites’ and return to these easily in the future. Registered members will also have access to features of other tools and resources soon to be released on

Knowledge contributor

To be registered as a Knowledge Contributor you will need to provide an explanation of your interest and experience in the area of resilience.

Knowledge Contributors are likely to be professionals in the building field who want to share their experience with certain building materials and construction methods.

Industry Member

To be registered as an Industry Member you will need to provide evidence of your current role as a building product supplier, building product manufacturer or industry association.

An Industry Member is able to register proprietary products on the BRKD. If tested under accepted methodologies, these proprietary products may have different resilience ratings to the ratings of the rest of the products in that category. In this way the BRKD provides an opportunity to market the resilient properties of your product.


To be registered as an Authority you will need to provide evidence of considerable experience, and recognised expertise, in relation to resilience in the built environment.

Authorities are able to make submissions to the BRKD that affect the resilience rating assigned to product categories. These submissions will need to draw upon published documents that are endorsed by respected stakeholders such as government bodies or industry authorities.


All accounts require a valid email address


What is the difference between this rating and supplier ratings?

The rating you see at the top of the page is the resilience rating of the generic class of building material to a particular hazard. A supplier rating is particular to a specific supplier product. For example, clay bricks may have a resilience rating of '3' to inundation but a supplier may have made specific improvements to their bricks and may be able to achieve a resilience rating of '5' for their clay brick. "